A Guide To The Different Winter Camping Equipment Items For A Successful Camping Trip

While many people will spend the winter months inside with a hot cup of cocoa underneath a blanket watching their favorite film on television, there are individuals who opt to enjoy camping trips in these colder seasons. The winter months are, in fact, the prime time for all hunters and fishermen to head off and enjoy their chosen sport. Unfortunately, taking a trip and camping can be very cold and if one does not have the correct equipment the event may be uncomfortable and disappointing. This article will help avoid discomfort and will provide information on the different winter camping equipment required for a successful winter camping trip. But no matter where you go, don’t forget to have a good compass and a map of the area with you.

1. A Fleece-Lined Sleeping Bag

The first essential piece of winter camping equipment is the fleece-lined or fleece inserted sleeping bag. The traditionally known sleeping bag is one with material and a zip and potentially some insulating cloth; however, the fleece inserted alternative is one that has outer material with a soft fleece interior. Ideally, the inner fleece lining should be thick and will act as a padding to keep you warm during the cold winter nights. In addition, the padding will provide cushioning for hard surfaces when out on winter camping excursions. The average size of fleece inserted sleeping bags is 2100mm x 950mm x 70mm; however, sizes do differ and the chosen bag is according to personal need and preference.

2. The Canvas Tent

One of the best options when choosing a tent for winter camping trips is the four person canvas tent. This piece of equipment is the most suitable as it can accommodate several individuals easily while keeping wind and cold out. The size of the tent will differ dependent on the brand or model purchased and choosing the ideal size is dependent on need or preference. A further benefit of this canvas tent is that it is waterproof with fiberglass poles and steel pegs ensuring stability during inclement weather. Tents can go as large as 4-person camping tents, or even 6-person ones.

3. The Fisherman’s Lamp

Staring up at the starry sky during the winter months is an enjoyable experience; however, facing the darkness without stars (or with them) when trying to complete other actions can be challenging without light. By packing a fisherman’s lamp you will be able to provide light to any winter camping site. The ideal fisherman’s lamp will have 500CP strength and is able to screw directly into a gas cylinder of any size between 1.7kg and 6kg. By having this extreme range it is possible to set the brightness of the lamp to accommodate the camper’s preference both inside and outside the camping tent.

4. The Portable Toilet

The toilet or lavatory is an essential piece of winter camping equipment when heading off on a camping trip. If you are not keen on using the bushes as a lavatory, then bringing a portable toilet is highly recommended. The portable lavatory can be kept in one of the camping tents allowing it to be used as a traditional bathroom. Typically, a portable toilet will have a capacity of 10 liters at the top and 20 at the bottom. It is vital to note that you must bring along toilet chemicals to ensure the toilet is kept clean.